Conversational Streaming Reports : Netflix’s Kids Activity Report

According to the streaming service, Netflix’s Kids Activity Report is being tested as a way to better improve the service. The COVID-19 pandemic has had an unimaginable effect on young children. With parks closed, and playdates and school cancelled, most families are left with little to entertain young ones.

In an effort to turn screen time into real-life engagement, Netflix is rolling out a feature that offers a user-friendly breakdown of what’s being watched. More than just offering stats on screen time, this feature cleverly lets parents into the lives of their children, letting them know what’s being watched, and even suggesting topics of conversation to discuss. For example, the report may inform a parent that a child has been watching a lot of one show, the breakdown will then offer some related content to increase in-person engagement, like jokes or coloring pages.

Image Credit: Netflix

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