Kefir Ice Creams : Kefir Ice Cream

In the last few years, the frozen dessert category has been revamped by better-for-you products and Biotiful Dairy is continuing this shift with its newest release—kefir ice cream. The brand is best known in the UK for its gut-friendly kefir drinks and snacks and this launch is the first time the brand is entering the frozen category.

The Vanilla, Chocolate and Cherry kefir ice cream products represent gut-supporting alternatives to traditional ice cream products, which people may already be avoiding due to lactose sensitivity. While the products are made with British milk, kefir is naturally low in lactose and comes packed with billions of live gut-friendly bacteria and probiotic properties. Specifically, this unique range of ice cream products appeals to consumers who are open to trying a healthy, gut-friendly alternative to regular ice cream varieties.

Image Credit: Biotiful Dairy

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