Plant-Based Wellington Dishes : vegan bacon wellington

Coughlans Bakery isn’t vegan itself, it has created many vegan baked goods over the past few years and its latest creation is a vegan bacon wellington that comes in collaboration with plant-based brand THIS. The vegan-friendly holiday dish is made by combining Coughlans’ homemade mushroom-based beef with THIS Isn’t bacon rashers and vegan puff pastry.

The generous dish is designed to serve six and it offers a completely plant-based take on a favorite seasonal dish. As Sean Coughlan, Founder of Coughlans Bakery describes, “I’ve made it my mission to come up with great tasting vegan food by using our traditional skills, so nearly all of our customers can’t tell the difference between the meat and meat-free versions of our pastries.”

Image Credit: Coughlans

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