Scented Dry Shampoo Collaborations : Byredo’s Dry Shampoo

Those who have woken up in the morning with little time to spare are familiar with the rush to fix one’s hair without washing it in the shower — thanks to OUAI and Byredo’s dry shampoo, this is all possible.

The new product cleverly utilizes OUAI’s haircare formula, which seamlessly soaks up access oil to provide a fresh out of the shower look, while Byredo’s scent completes the routine. Byredo, a perfume company, was the perfect choice to partner with OUAI on this product, who wanted to create a dry shampoo that was refreshing without being overpowering. This formula uses the scent ‘Mojave Ghost’ which features notes of ambrette, magnolia, sandalwood and violet and cedarwood.

Image Credit: Ouai

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