Vancouver friends, colleagues mourn the death of Scotty Larin, a West End figure known for his kindness

Vancouver’s West End is mourning the death of Anthony “Scotty” Larin, a bar manager, LGBT advocate and well-known community leader.

Larin, 51, was known for being a warm and welcoming presence at the Fountainhead Pub on Davie Street, where he was a manager. The cause of his death has not been disclosed.

“When I mean the West End is changed forever, that’s not lightly said,” said Astrid Lalonde, co-owner of the pub who considers Larin her big brother.

“The bar [in] Cheers had nothing on us, when it came to Scotty,” she said.

Astrid Lalonde, left, said she first met Larin, right, when he was bartending in Hull, Que. (Submitted by Astrid Lalonde)

Larin was also well-known and loved for being a supporter of the LGBT community in Vancouver’s Davie Village.

“He always appreciated the impact we had on him and he would always talk about … how privileged he was to be part of such a close group,” said Tara Fenimore, manager of the Fountainhead Pub.

“You could reach out to every single drag queen on Davie Street and they would have something to tell you about Scotty,” said Lalonde.

“If there was ever anyone at the Fountainhead that caused any issues and I mean like homophobic or whatever … Scotty was our defender,” she added.

‘He was our superhero’

Lalonde said Larin was heavily involved in fundraising for charity. He would regularly host events at the pub to raise money for organizations like the Greater Vancouver Food Bank, Friends for Life and A Loving Spoonful.

But what Lalonde remembers most about him, she said, was his commitment to inclusivity.

“He affected and saved so many people by listening to them and making sure that they were heard and seen and felt like they belonged,” she said.

“He made sure that you felt that you were at home and that you found a home, which is the philosophy of the Fountainhead and he lived and breathed that.”

Fenimore said they will be closing the Fountainhead Pub this weekend in Larin’s memory.

Tara Fenimore, general manager of the Fountainhead Pub, said Scotty Larin was well-loved in the community. (Tina Lovgreen/CBC)

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