Versatile Powdered Meat Substitutes : Plant-Meat Protein

The Plant-Meat Protein has been launched by Green Boy Group as a new product for use in meat-free dishes and recipes to help enhance the healthful nature of the foods with a meat-inspired experience. The product is reported to help enhance the mouthfeel and texture when it comes to meat alternatives, and features a powdered formula that is easy to use. The product can have protein derived from peas, fava beans, mung beans or chickpeas.

Green Boy Group Co-Founder Frederik Otten spoke on the new Plant-Meat Protein saying, “Plant-based protein is a key ingredient in the formulation of a plant-based meat product. This market is evolving with lightning speed and plant-based meat products made with vital wheat gluten or soy protein are not as popular due to allergy concerns along with whey and casein proteins as they are of dairy origin. With Plant-Meat Protein we offer a line of more functional, sustainable and healthier plant-based proteins as the building block for the next plant-based meat hit product on the supermarket shelves, in the fast-food chains or online.”

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